Last Updated: 14/08/2018

Zoglab DM2000 Precision Dew Point Meter

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  • Precision drift free dew point measurement
  • Highest accuracy ±0.2°Cdp
  • Robust and durable sensor design
  • Force frost technology
Measuring accuracy±0.2℃dp,±0.1℃ Temperature
Measurement units°C, °F dew point; %RH; °C, °F temperature; g/m3; g/kg; aw; Δ (t – t dew point)
ResolutionResolution 0.1 for °C, °F and %RH, 0.01 for g/m3 and g/kg
Response speed1°C/sec plus settling time (dew point dependant)
Power supply100~240VAC 0.5A,50~60Hz
BatteryLithium polymer battery 14.8V/8000mAh
Battery life8 hours
Analog output4~20mA
Communication interfaceRS232/485、USB、LAN
Working temperature-20~50℃(Whole device)
Dimensions215×133×302mm(w/h/d)(3U, 1/2 size of 19 inch rack )
Dew point range-30℃[email protected] sensor temperature of 20℃ +90℃[email protected] sensor temperature of 90℃
Temperature range-40℃~90℃(dew point sensor working temperature)
Humidity range<2%RH~100%RH
Min measured dew point-30℃ @20℃
Mirror materialGold-plated copper(Standard)
Sensor material316L stainless steel(Standard)
Temperature measuring4 wires PT100, 1/3 DIN class B
Sample flow0~2 NI/min(Under sampling)
Max. speed10 m/sec direct insertion, 30 m/sec with sintered guard
Cable length2m/5m/customized


Temperature measuring4 wires PT100, 1/3 DIN class B
Cable length2m/5m/customized