Zoglab DPM2500 is a precision differential pressure meter with 0~2500/4000/5000/7500Pa measuring the range to choose. The DPM2500 achieve the highest accuracy up to 0.01%FS.

DPM2500 adopts humanized design, 7 inch TFT touch screen for the friendly interface; Multiple pressure units to choose from; multiple communication interfaces; built-in battery could support continuous work for 8 hours. The DPM2500 used to verify the accuracy of field pressure indicators/transmitters otherwise as a laboratory standard and wherever there is a need for a high level of pressure accuracy in manufacturing, testing, and calibration of pressure instruments or gauges. DPM2500 supports wind speed measuring mode for wind tunnel and could read the data of temperature, humidity, and pressure, which highly improve the working efficiency of wind speed sensor in meteorological industry.