• The low cost DST1100 Differential Pressure Transmitter flexibly equip with user selectable measuring range.
  • Maintenance of DST1100 being simplified with Spot reset function.
  • DST1100 with high measuring resolution up to 1Pa, also the accuracy ±0.5% of measured value ±2Pa.
  • Customized differential pressure range between -1000 to 1000Pa.
  • Support online linear calibration and zeroing setting.
  • Multiple outputs selection between RS485, Voltage, Current are available..
  • Digital Calibration Technology, and support online calibration.
  • Toxic and halogen-free housing, while complying with GXP standard.
  • Application fields HVAC, Clean Room, Electronic Workshop, Environmental Pollution Control, Medical Instruments, Oven Pressure Booster and hearth wind pressure control, gas network monitoring, well ventilation and power plants wind pressure monitor.