Last Updated: 14/08/2018

Zoglab HG6000 Humidity Generator

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  • Humidity control range 10~95%RH
  • Humidity stability ≤±0.2%RH
  • Temperature control range 5~50℃
  • Temperature stability 0.1℃(23℃),0.2℃(Full Scale)
  • Full-scale stability less than 10 mins
  • Support to calibrate 5 sensors at the same time
Working environment-10~40℃,10%~95%RH(Non condensing)
Storage environment-20~70℃,10%~95%RH(Non condensing)
DesiccantSilicagel, reusable
Power supply100~240VAC 1.3A,50/60Hz
Communication interfacesRS485/232,USB,LAN,Wi-FI*
Dimensions442×190×401mm(w/h/d) (4U,size of 19 inch rack)
T&RH measuring range5~50℃ ; 10~95%RH
Control stability≤±0.2%RH;0.1℃(23℃),0.2℃(Full Scale)
T accuracy≤0.2℃
RH accuracy of reference sensor((23℃)±1.0%RH(10~90%RH);±2.0%RH(≤10,≥90%RH)
T&RH stability of the calibration chamber±0.2%RH;±0.1℃
T&RH homogeneity of the calibration chamber±0.3%RH;±0.2℃
RH adjusting response timeChange with 30%RH costs less than 5 mins
Average cooling speed1.0℃/min(Environment temperature than less 23℃)
Heating speed3.0℃/min
Calibration chamber inside diameter dimensionΦ110×200mm
Calibration window dimensionsΦ25mm, Φ18mm, Φ15mm, Φ12mm, special dimension for option