The HWS3000 is a professional and portable weather station designed to be compact and portable, supporting temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and other factors. The overall design combines the rigorous requirements of ergonomics and aeronautical meteorology. It adopts the modular, solid-state, digital sensor concept, reshaping the appearance of the traditional automatic weather station, and has made a massive breakthrough in the overall protection and durability. The high-strength anti-UV ABS plastic alloy enables the product to be exposed to the outdoor solar radiation zone for a long time. The highly integrated electronic circuit design allows the compact size to contain several times the weight of the traditional equipment, bringing outdoor work for meteorological observation. More convenient.

The HWS3000 handheld weather station can be widely used in various fields such as aviation navigation, airdrop airborne, nuclear monitoring, vehicle observation, emergency rescue, and on-site mobile meteorological observation.