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Zoglab LT5100 Laser Transmissometer

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The LT5100 is a laser transmissometer that measures transmittance and visibility with high precision and directly outputs transmittance and visibility values. It has the function of modulation and transmission and synchronization mechanism to eliminate the influence of stray light. Low temperature drifts constant current source, 24-bit high precision AD conversion for accurate measurement. With high-bright OLED display, RS485 digital communication. It also comes with a straightening and fine-tuning platform that supports online calibration.

Technical specification
Visibility measuring range5m~50km
Output contenttransmittance, visibility value
Output formatASCII plain text display, compatible with Vaisala protocol
Communication portsRS485
Output rate1.000/s
Average method1min moving average
Modulation frequency1KHz
Working environment10~40℃ , 10%~95%RH
Storage environment-20℃~70℃ , 10%~95%RH
Accuracy (RVR range)Surplus the International Civil Aviation Organization (Annex 3) recommended specifications
Sending unit
LaserRed light
Drive modeConstant current
Receiving unit
Photoelectric detector photosensitive surface diameter5.5mm
Window effective aperture38mm
Sampling frequency1k
Sampling bits24bit

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