Last Updated: 14/08/2018

Zoglab PG600 Mobile Pressure Generator

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  • Portable design, multiple sensors for mobile measurement
  • The fully automatic programmable pressure generating
  • Accuracy±0.010%., controlling stability 0.002%FS
  • Internal pressure standard or external standard
Display7″ 480×800 TFT LCD display
Touch panelCapacitive touch screen
BacklightLED backlight, brightness adjustable
Communication InterfaceRS232 PTB210 / 220 / 330 Pro×1, Common RS232×2, USB, USB storage, HART, Wi-Fi (optional function), BT (optional function)
Pressure interfaceф5 interface absolute pressure×1, differential pressure×2
Power supply240V 90W AC-DC adaptor / built-in lithium polymer battery
BatteryLithium polymer battery 14.8V / 8000mAh
Battery lifetime8 hours(continuous work) / 90 days standby
Working temperature10~40℃
Working humidity10%~95%RH(No condensation)
Working pressure100~1100hPa
Storage temperature-20~70℃
Preheating time<5 mins
Logging interval1 second~24 hours
Data recording timeAccording to the internal memory capacity
EMCEN50081-1 Class B, EN50082-1 Class B
ESD Protection±25KV
IP ClassIP67(when the outer case is open)
Voltage measuring range0~10V
Voltage measuring resolution0.1mV
Voltage measuring accuracy±1mV
Current measuring range0~20mA
Current measuring resolution1μA
Current measuring accuracy±5μA
Pressure control range100~1100hPa
Pressure control accuracy±0.010%FS
Pressure control resolution0.001hPa
Pressure control stability0.002%FS (0.002%FS after stable for 10 seconds)
Pressure control speed5~100hPa/min adjustable(load 1L)