Last Updated: 04/04/2019

Zoglab UAV6000 Meteorological Detection Drone

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The UAV6000 is a well-designed weather detection drone that supports temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and many other factors. The overall design combines the rigorous requirements of ergonomics and aeronautical meteorology. It adopts a modular, solid-state, digital sensor concept that can quickly measure atmospheric composition and meteorological parameters, and improve the speed and accuracy of information acquisition. With the mature drone platform and modular pod design, the sensor type and camera platform can be replaced according to the actual detection requirements. Multi-machine joint operation coordination system, time accurate synchronization system. On the data analysis platform, horizontal and vertical data distribution maps are combined with GPS and terrain to calculate and display atmospheric 3D states.

The combination of meteorological detection equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles, using the drones to be flexible and maneuverable, without geographical restrictions, can perform vertical meteorological detection and stereoscopic detection, and is better applied to modern meteorological services, providing novel means for meteorological detection.

Technical Specification
Visibility measuring range5m~50km
Output contenttransmittance, visibility value
Output formatASCII plain text display, compatible with Vaisala protocol
Communication portsRS485
Output rate1.000/s
Average method1min moving average
Modulation frequency1KHz
Working environment10~40℃ , 10%~95%RH
Storage environment-20℃~70℃ , 10%~95%RH
Accuracy (RVR range)Surplus the International Civil Aviation Organization (Annex 3) recommended specifications
Humidity technical specification
Humidity measuring range0~100%RH
Humidity measuring accuracy±3%RH(10%RH~90%RH),±5%RH(90%RH~100%RH)
Humidity resolution0.1%RH
Pressure technical specification
Pressure measuring range500hPa~1100hPa
Pressure measuring accuracy±0.3hPa(0℃~50℃),±0.5hPa(-30℃~0℃)
Pressure resolution0.1hPa
Wind speed technical specification
Wind speed measuring range0~50 m/s
Wind speed measuring accuracy±0.5m/s(0~15m/s)
Wind speed resolution0.1 m/s
Wind direction technical specification
Wind direction measuring range0°~360°
Wind direction measuring accuracy±2°(Deviation≤±10°), ±4°(deviation>±10°)
Wind direction resolution
Communication portsBT,Wi-Fi*
Max ascent speed5m/s
Max descent speed8m/s
Flying height500m
Hover timeNo payload>30min; Max takeoff weight>15min
Working environment-30℃~50℃,10%~80%RH
Dimensions1668 × 1518 × 727 mm
Flying weight15.5kg